Top 8 Video Editing Apps For iPhone

You know, the iPhone has increasingly become the tool of choice for many videographers out there. It’s fast and extremely convenient to whip out an iPhone to shoot a video.

Given this revolution, it’s no surprise that there are a ton of apps out there which focus on providing video editing functionality on the iPhone and also the iPad.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 video editing apps for the iPhone in this article.

1. Game Your Video

I just can’t get enough of Game Your Video. I took a video shot of my kids running around the public park and loaded it into Game Your Video.

Game Your Video

It presented me with a ton of special effects to choose from to enhance my video (e.g. slow motion, fast motion, comedy). I put a “Charlie Chaplin” effect on my videos and my kids had a ball of a time laughing at the effect. Really great app.

2. Viddy

The next app I love is Viddy. This is a free, simple and easy to use app which allows you to add effects to transform your ordinary videos to unique clips.


You can then share your videos with the online Viddy community and have fun commenting with others’ creations.

3. Videolicious

I download a lot of video editing apps to try - but Videolicious is one gem I just got to highlight. It’s very fast and very easy to use.


The entire video editing process is cut down into three steps - choose your video, tell your story and select your music. That’s all there is to it - Videolicious then edits the video automatically and cuts the output for you.

4. Action Movie FX

Want some of those Hollywood style video effects on your iPhone videos? Well, it’s easy to do with Action Movie FX.

Action Movie FX

When I talk about effects, I’m talking about adding missiles, air strikes and crashing cars into your videos! Action Movie FX allows you to overlay these effects straight into your video for some hilarious output.

5. Splice

If you need to edit and create your videos by combining text, photos, video clips, and audio files, then this is the tool for you.


You can easily assemble videos, add all the media you want and specify borders for your video productions. There are also in-built special effects that you can use to enhance your scenes.

6. VideoPix

VideoPix is a great little app for speeding up and slowing down your videos. You can also apply other filters to your video and crop them to the size you need. Your output videos can be directly shared on Facebook and other sites.


7. Vintagio

Want to enhance your videos to give them a 1920s feel? Well, Vintagio is one of the most comprehensive apps out there for this purpose. You can also add extra photos and videos or perform splitting on your videos as you see fit.


8. Reel Director

Video editing on the iPhone is can be difficult due to the amount of options an app needs to provide. Well, Reel Director is about as good as it gets when it comes to iPhone video editing. You shoot a video, save it in your library and load it into the Reel Director app.

Reel Director

You can then trim videos, add titles, add audio / sound tracks and preview everything within a timeline. Almost the same as doing video editing on a desktop or laptop. I also like the fact that I can rotate the videos and share them on Youtube directly in the app. Highly recommended.

Wrapping Up ...

And that’s all, folks! I hope I’ve given you some great insight into the top 8 video editing apps on the iPhone. Check out one of these apps the next time you’re in the App Store. I’m sure you’ll agree many of these apps enhance your video editing experience on the iPhone. Until next time, happy video editing!

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