Top 6 Free Video Editing Software Programs

If you’re into video editing, you may want to know there’s quite a bit of free software out there to help you out. You don’t have to spend money buying Adobe, Corel, or Pinnacle video editing products. You can try out some cool, free video editing software programs to see if they meet your needs.

I’ve compiled a list of some good and free video editing software below. If you’re new to video editing, I suggest you start off by checking these programs out, then gradually move to more advanced software when it makes sense.

1. Microsoft Live Movie Maker

A great free video editing software program is Microsoft Live Movie Maker. When I first started out in video editing I explored every bit of this program and experimented with it.

The Microsoft Live Movie Maker program

What I like about Movie Maker is that it’s already pre-installed on any computer that is running Windows XP and Vista. If you’re running later versions of Windows, you can get the latest version here.

For simple video editing - laying out clips on the timeline, adding simple transitions and audio - Movie Maker does a very good job. It doesn’t have the rich library of video effects and extensive video format support - but these are small issues if all you’re doing is a simple video production.

And you can also add 3rd party effects that don’t come with Windows Movie Marker. Check some of them out here.

2. VirtualDub

Next up, let’s talk about VirtualDub. Developed as a small, independent video editing program, this cool little tool has evolved to become of the top names in 3rd party video editing software programs.

A screenshot of VirtualDub

It does lack the end-to-end video editing power of something like Adobe Premiere, but it does provide extremely fast linear operations for video.

When I use VirtualDub, I simply take my captured video clip, load it into the program, then trim the ends, clean up some noise and convert it a video output (with the correct frame size). And that’s it - the tool is straightforward and has no muss or fuss.

I can also remove and replace audio tracks without touching the video if I wanted. The in-built video filters are solid - from sharpening, blurring to embossing, flipping, resizing and deinterlacing - they’re all there.

3. Avidemux

Many of you may not know of Avidemux. Again, this is an independently developed free video editing tool - great for simple video splitting, cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.

The Avidemux video editing tool

If one of my videos has an audio portion which I don’t like - I can fire up Avidemux to cut the audio out. Or remove the video portion and retain only the audio. Think of Avidemux as being able to split up the components of your video file so you can mix and match what you like.

You can also resize and reformat your videos if you want. A wide range of video file formats are supported, such as AVI, MPEG files, MP4, ASF and more.

4. Blender

If you need to work with 3D in your videos, you may want to consider Blender, a free graphics video creation program loaded with a ton of nice features.

The Blender 3D video editing tool

You can animate, render and create real-time interactive 3D videos - something that is usually only available in professional tools. Try this tool out and see if it works for you.

5. Zwei-Stein

Don’t be fooled by the cryptic name - Zwei-Stein has been a staple in my video editing toolbox for many years now. It’s a powerful and free video editing software - albeit with a very technical user interface.

A screenshot of Zwei-Stein

If you can get past the user interface and learning curve, you’ll find it very full featured and able to offer different video effects (up to 64 effects which can be chained up).

6. SolveigMM AVI Trimmer

AVI Trimmer is a free video editor that allows you to edit AVI and MKV files. It’s really fast despite its small file size and easy to use, simple user interface.

The SolveigMM AVI Trimmer video editor

I find that after my video editing, there is no degradation and synching issues with my clips.

Some of my pals say the learning curve is steep though - it’s not a simple tool to use for beginners. However, with some experimentation, you should be able to put it to good use. Check AVI Trimmer out if you work with AVI and MKV files a lot.

Wrapping Up ...

And that’s it! A nice list of 6 free video editing programs you can use to work on your videos. Whether you’re a beginner or professional video editor, I’m sure one of these tools can offer you what you need.

By the way, two other good (and free) video editing tools worth mentioning include Wax and Ezvid - check them out if you don’t think the above 6 programs meet your needs. Until next time, have fun editing your videos!

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