Learn How To Make A Video With Pictures

Have you ever wondered how you can string all the digital photos you took into a video? Well, many of my friends ask me how this can be done. The truth is - it's easy!

What you need is a tool that can take in digital photos, then manipulate them with some special slideshow effects and allow you to share the video online or in a DVD format.

I used to use software like DVD MovieFactory for this. These days, things are online and much easier. My tool of choice these days is Animoto - an awesome online tool for making videos with pictures.

1. Sign Up For Animoto

Ok, the first thing you need to do is to sign up for Animoto. Sign-up is a simple process, just follow the instructions given and you'll be up and running in a minute. There's a nice, free version you can sign up for to ensure you like the tool before committing.

Animoto helps you make videos from your digital photos

The free version has all the bells and whistles of the fully paid version, except that your video is limited to 30 seconds only.

2. Create Video

Once you have an Animoto account, give yourself a pat on the back. You now need to tell Animoto you want to create a video. Just select "Create Video", then select the style and length of video you want.

3. Select Pictures

Once you've indicated to Animoto you want to create a video, you should then select the pictures which you will use as input. These pictures can come from multiple sources like Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug or you own computer.

Select pictures or video for your Animoto video

Each photo uploaded can be manipulated. You can add text or rotate your photos. You can also choose to add even more pictures if your initial selection was not enough.

4. Add Music

What's a video without music? The next thing you should do is to add music tracks to your video. If you have your own sound clips, that'll be good - otherwise Animoto also offers you some stock music you can choose from.

Add music clips to your Animoto video

I tried the base music selection Animoto had to provide and I can say the production quality of the sound files is top-notch.

5. Finalize Video

Ok! The last step in making your video with pictures is to finalize the video. Finalizing the video means that you choose the final options required to create the video, before you encode and product it.

Preview and finalize your Animoto video

One important point here is to select good pacing for your images. For example, if you're showing a wedding couple in marital bliss, you probably want to slow the picture transitions down.

If you're looking for a more action-oriented video, try stringing together several in-action photos to create the output video.

You also need to enter the title, description and producer name into Animoto. Once done, your video should be created quickly quickly. This output video can then be remixed, sent, uploaded, or downloaded to your iPhone or DVD.

Wrapping Up ...

I hope the above has given you some great insights into how you can make a video from pictures.

Some "purist" videographers would insist that using tools like Animoto to create a video slideshow is not really "videography".

My thought is that, if you're creating a video that is appealing to your audience, then regardless of whether it was created using Animoto or some other tool - it should recognized as a proper video.

I guess it might take some time for old mindsets to change, but for now, in my opinion, Animoto is one of the best tools for stringing up pictures and making a photo. Go check it out now.