How To Clean Your Camcorder Lens

Hi! Do you often find it difficult to clean your camcorder lens? I know I do! You see, if your lens gets dirty, you compromise the quality of your video shoots. Over time, you'll find that the camcorder starts getting unusable.

For me, it's important to clean any dirt off my lens immediately. The challenge is that the lens is one delicate, fragile piece of equipment. So over the years I've developed some ideas on how to properly clean a camcorder lens. Read on and find out more!

1. What You Shouldn't Do

When cleaning your camcorder lens, the first tip I'd want to share is that you should avoid brushing off the dirt with your fingers. Beginners do that very often - and end up with fingerprints, or worse, scratches on the lens. Over time, fingerprints will ruin your camcorder lens - so never directly touch them.

2. Use Compressed Air

Ok, if not your fingers, then what do you use? One of the more common ways to remove dirt from a lens is to use compressed air in a can. You get get these from the local electronics store. Just spray the can over the lens and hopefully, that speck of dirt will fall off. The other option is to get a hand operated blower and just direct it at the dirt. Most of the time, I find that blowing air will do the trick for me.

3. Professional Lens Cleaners

Here's one tip about cleaning your camcorder lens, especially with regards to fingerprints. Do not, I repeat, do not clean them with paper towels or tissue. I used to do that a lot in the past and my lens always ended up worse.

The lens on a camcorder is not made like your spectacle lens. It cannot take paper towels or tissue. So what I do is to get professional lens cleaning kits from the camera store. Even if you don't have a dirty lens right now, it's a good idea to keep one of these around just in case. Professional lens cleaners allow you to safely wipe off dirt and fingerprints off your camcorder lens.

4. Brush Gently

If you're brushing your camcorder lens, brush it gently. I've seen cases of video enthusiasts brusing their lens so vigorously, it ends up scratching the lens instead of removing dirt. Get a special lens cleaning brush from the camera store and brush gently.

5. Let It Evaporate

Oh, if you've got water on your lens, especially condensation, it's a good idea to leave it alone for a while and let the water evaporate. Set the camcorder in a cool, dry place and leave it overnight. Hopefully, the next day, the condensation would have gone away. The other reason why you should not touch or mess with water on the lens is that it may flow into other electronic parts of the camcorder - then your kit will really go bust.

Wrapping Up ...

I hope the above gives you some ideas on how to clean your camcorder lens. One of the things I used to do was to learn from the clerks in the camera store. These guys have cleaned many lenses and they know a thing or two.

Another option you have is to take the camcorder to a professional and let them clean it for you. I used to do this when I just could not get the dirt off. But that option will cost you a bit more, of course.

On the whole, taking care of your camcorder lens is important as it improves the durability of your video equipment and the quality of your shoots. So until next time, learn to apply the above lens cleaning tips and good luck with your shoots!

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