How To Broadcast Yourself On YouTube

You know, many bloggers and online writers out there have already jumped on the video bandwagon and are producing video series on YouTube. If you've been dying to broadcast videos of yourself as well, you're in luck! These days, uploading a video to YouTube has become very commonplace and it's easy to do.

In this article, I want to help you understand how you can broadcast videos of yourself on YouTube. This consists of the following 5 simple steps.

  • Set Up A YouTube Account
  • Prepare Your Video Files For Upload
  • Optimize Your YouTube Videos
  • Set Up A YouTube Channel
  • Market Your YouTube Videos

1. Setting Up A YouTube Account

The first thing you need to do before you broadcast videos is to set up a YouTube Account. This is a simple step - simply log on to YouTube and click on the Sign Up button on the top right corner.

Just one thing to note, I think that because Google owns YouTube, an account you keep in YouTube may be linked to your Gmail account, Google Docs and all the other Google stuff out there.

2. Prepare Your Video Files For Upload

The next thing you need to do is to prepare your video for upload. If you're familiar with video editing, then you'll know there are many ways to do this.

One way is to make use of a video editing program like Adobe Premiere Elements or Corel VideoStudio. These programs have YouTube integrated and allow you upload videos direct from within the software.

The second way is to upload it manually. This means you may save your video clip in a different format onto your computer's desktop, then sign into YouTube and tell it to pick up your file.

I think what's important here is to have your vidoe properly compressed and with the correct size. You see, YouTube accepts almost all video formats (including HD) - but all video files need to be under 2 GB and not longer than 15 minutes in duration. What I like to do is to max out my videos - I try to have my videos as large as possible while sticking within these limits. This way, I ensure the best quality in my videos.

The final way to upload your videos is to use your mobile phone. These days, iPhones and Android devices are replete with video editing apps which allow you to quickly snap a video, then get it uploaded into YouTube. Here's an article on how you can upload videos from your iPhone into YouTube.

3. Optimize Your YouTube Videos

When you upload your YouTube video, give some thought to what title, tags and description go with your video. This will help viewers search for and find your video more easily.

For example, if I have a video on beaches in the Maldives, I'd make sure I tag words like "best maldive beaches", "top maldive beaches", "maldive beaches" against my video, because those are the search terms a viewer may use to locate my video.

4. Set Up A YouTube Channel

There's another aspect of broadcasting on YouTube that's important - YouTube Channels. A YouTube Channel allows your viewer to find your videos and other tidbits of info. Think of it as a little corner where you can showcase your work and hold discussions with your viewers.

What I did when I started with a YouTube Channel was to really customize the thing to make it stand out. For example, if you go to Channel Design, you can choose a good color scheme to match your logo or other materials, and also decide what components to display on your page.

There's also the concept of a "top video". Each YouTube Channel has a top video which plays automatically every time a viewer hits your page. You have to make sure that your top video is attractive and better still, keep it fresh and compelling.

I also set up donations on the YouTube Channel. If you've signed up for Google checkout, you can go into Google Checkout Options, enter your ID and Merchant Key, then choose appropriate donation amounts. Once you've done that, you will see a Donation button your public profile and all of your video pages.

5. Market Your YouTube Videos

One tricky thing about YouTube videos is getting enough views. When I started out with YouTube, I found that many of my videos were just sitting there with no one watching. If you broadcast yourself on YouTube and no one comes to watch - what's the point?

What you need to do is to promote your video. I like to do this in three ways.

First, on my own website (which gets quite a bit of traffic), I will link over to my videos on YouTube to showcase my work.

Second, I put my video everywhere. I post my video on every single video sharing site I can find, e.g. TubeMogul.

Third, I promote my video by emailing my link to family members and friends on FaceBook. They can then forward my video to other folks to spread the word.

Wrapping Up ...

I hope the above has given you some sense of how to broadcast yourself on YouTube.

One thing to remember about YouTube is that content beats quality. You may not have high production quality, but if you if have compelling content, then your viewers will still love you. Just look at all those viral videos out there (e.g. Gangnam style).

I suggest you keep a little log book with you so you can record ideas on what videos to make for YouTube. You can also check out this article which teaches you how to make viral videos that get watched on YouTube.

And that's all folks, until next time - have fun shooting your videos!