A Little Information About Me

Hi there and welcome to my website! My name is Gary Tan and I live in sunny Singapore, a small city state in Southeast Asia. I'm married with 3 kids, have a lovely wife and I'm an avid digital video enthusiast.

I love to dabble in all things related to video - from camcorders to video editing software and hardware. I'm also interested in movie making and film production, and hope to make a short film one day.

I bought my first camcorder back in 1999. It was a really bulky Sony camcorder that took only Mini-DV analog tapes. I didn't really bother to read the manual or learn how to shoot video. I just went along, going on vacations and shooting in an adhoc manner. My videos obviously didn't turn out very well.

In 2004, I moved on to a newer camcorder. This was a digital camcorder that used memory cards to store video. That was when I became more serious about shooting video.

I started to read books and asked some of my friends in the broadcasting industry how the professionals did video shoots.

Subsequently, I also started to learn video editing, particularly with packages like Adobe Premiere Elements and Corel VideoStudio.

In 2009, I bought my iPhone 3GS and got introduced to mobile video. The iPhone was very convenient for video shooting and I could also upload the videos to online sharing sites like YouTube. I also later got an iPad and started dabbling with some apps for video editing.

All in all, I've accumlated quite a bit of knowledge about all things related to digital video.

I hope that through this website, I can transfer this knowledge to you. So that you don't have to scour all over the Internet to find the information you need.

If you have any suggestions on topics you'd like to me to write about, or improvements to the website, feel free to drop me a note. I'd love to hear from you.

I hope you'll enjoy my website and its contents. Have a good day!