5 Tips For Sharing Your Videos With Friends, Family and The World

Hi there! I'm sitting in my car with the kids waiting for my wife to wrap up some shopping. I've just shot a video of my kids clowning around (on my iPhone) and I'm thinking to myself - what's the best way to share the video with my friends, family and the rest of the world?

It used to be impossible to upload and share a video from within your car. You'd probably have to get home, clean up the video and burn it to a DVD for distribution.

These days, it's easier than ever to share videos - you're spoilt for choice with tools like Facebook, Dropbox and online video sharing sites. If you can make video, sharing it is just one more small step and isn't much of a hassle like it used to be.

I'll provide some video sharing ideas with you below.

1. Facebook

The first place I think of when sharing videos is Facebook. It's very convenient for me to upload that video of my kids - I just set up my Facebook details in the iPhone in a few steps.

Once done, I can select any photo or video in my library and with one click, an option to post to Facebook appears. Click on it, enter my comments against the video and submit.

In a few seconds, voila - it appears on my Facebook timeline - tagged as an iOS photo. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg - I love this feature. You can even set the privacy options against your video so you control who can view it on Facebook.

It's easier than ever to share videos using Facebook

If you don't want to do your video sharing to Facebook off the iPhone, you can go to the website and do the same. Of course, in that case, you'll get a lot more options in terms of uploading video, albums, etc. since you're on the website.

2. Dropbox

The second option for sharing your video with friends, family and the rest of the world is to use an application called Dropbox. I've used Dropbox for years and I must say, I love it!

On my desktop PC installed with the Dropbox software, Dropbox functions like one of my computer folders. Except that it's in the cloud.

I can just drag and drop any file I want - document, photo, video, etc. into the Dropbox folder and I'll be able to see the same file in any of my other computers were Dropbox is installed.

Dropbox is available as a free download for the PC and Mac platforms and it's great for sharing files. It also comes as an app so you can view and share files on the iPhone or Android device.

For sharing videos or photos, what's nice about Dropbox is that you can share an URL to the folder containing your media and also set access permissions. So only those who have a password can access and view those videos and photos.

3. YouTube

Ok, the third and very obvious way of sharing videos with the rest of the world is simply - YouTube. YouTube is the largest online repository of videos and is the de facto standard for independent video publishing.

Those of you who know YouTube and its potential to make videos viral will be familiar with the likes of Psy of Gangnam style, Justin Bieber, etc.

These folks shared their videos on YouTube and their videos went really, really viral.

I guess if you share your videos via YouTube, you may not be intending to become Psy or Justin Bieber.

However, YouTube is still a great platform for sharing, especially if you want to create a video series or newsletter , e.g. "How to make a Gizmo Tutorial 1 of 6". Those kind of videos are well suited for YouTube distribution.

4. DVD or Blu-ray Media

Of course, if you don't want to distribute your videos online, you always have the traditional approach of burning videos into DVDs or Blu-ray for physical distribution.

For me, I love I burn DVDs as gifts to different members of my family or close friends.

For example, when I organize a birthday party for my son, I spend a day doing post-production work to add titles, transitions and other special effects.

I use video editing software like Cyberlink PowerDirector to do this - they make the process really easy. I then choose from a variety of DVD menus and templates from within the software and I'll be able burn some really cool DVDs.

Then I'd ship those DVDs over to Grandma and wait for her to call me and say "wow such a lovely DVD you sent me".

There's a heartfelt warmth in sharing videos via DVD that you don't get when you upload them online. It's a bit like snail mail versus email, you know?

DVD show that you put some effort into the video production, whereas uploading videos online feels a little more ... distant.

5. Alternatives To YouTube

You know, many folks don't know there are viable alternatives to YouTube for sharing videos with friends, family and the public. Two of my favorite YouTube alternatives are Vimeo and DailyMotion.


In my opinion, Vimeo is sort of an "art house" kind of site. The videos uploaded there tend to be professionally made and showcase a lot of creativity in video production.

Unlike YouTube, You won't find many videos uploaded by teenagers playing with their Lego bricks.

Rather, you get videos like a lady staring out the apartment window overlooking a night cityscape, pondering on the events of her life - that kind of thing.

By the way, I've touched on the topic of Vimeo video projects before in this article.

The nice thing about Vimeo is that it is fast - once you get your video into their servers - your viewers get to download and view your videos very quickly. I think Vimeo uses facilities like Akamai to speed up video streaming.

It's sort of like those QuickTime trailers you view on the Apple website - I think they use a similar Akamai technology to speed up steaming.


DailyMotion has tons of videos and a strong viewership. I didn't check but I suspect it is number two to YouTube on terms of traffic. I think DailyMotion is sort of in between YouTube and Vimeo.

The videos you see in DailyMotion are more professionally done than YouTube I general, but not as artsy as those you see in Vimeo. I've not tried uploading videos to DailyMotion yet but I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.


Another worthy mention is the Stomp website. This is from a local context, since I live in Singapore. The Stomp site is maintained by The Straits Times, which is the leading English language newspaper in Singapore.

Thousands of newsworthy videos showcasing life in Singapore go onto that website on a daily basis. From rude customers to subway commenters who refuse to give up seats to pregnant women - Stomp has a lot of gossip ready videos that really intrigues viewers.

For example, I remember in 2012, there was a case of a Ferrari driver who sped past a traffic light in Bugis in Singapore. He crashed into a taxi, got homself killed, along with the driver of that taxi.

Someone in another taxi took a video of the incident and it very quickly went viral on Stomp. Folks I know are still talking about that video today.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a ton of options for sharing videos with friends, family and the general public. In my opinion, I'd say that I like to use Facebook for quick sharing of my personal videos - those I'd like family or close friends to see.

For videos I'd want to share with the public, YouTube and DailyMotion are good choices.

And if I were to go professional and wanted other videographers to see my creative videos - I go with Vimeo.

And of course, to make good old Grandma happy - I'd spend time burning DVDs of memorable family moments and wrapping the in a nice gift box.

Well, that's all I have for now. Until next time, have great fun shooting and sharing your videos!

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