5 Easy Vimeo Projects to Try Out

Hi all, if you're familiar with online video sharing platforms, you'll know that besides YouTube, there's a "art house" video site called Vimeo.

Vimeo started a couple of years back as a platform for users to post videos online. However, it's not a site where all sorts of random videos get uploaded. The videos in there tend to be artistic and in HD.

So you see a lot of professionals posting videos there and it's a really good place for learning interesting perspectives on video taking.

If you're new to Vimeo, you should sign up and try out being a "Vimean" as they call it. Create a video or two and understand how you can post to the site. Over time, as you get more familiar, you can start experimenting with different types of videos.

In this article, I want to share with you 5 easy Vimeo projects you can try out. It's a fabulous list of ideas which you can turn to if you need inspiration.

For me, one of the most difficult aspects of shooting an original, creative video production is the "angle". When I started out, if struggle because I didn't have any expertise.

Over time, I learnt to consolidate my ideas into a reference log, so that if I lacked ideas, I'd whip out that list, pick one idea and just get started.

Ok, enough of me rambling. Lets get started with those Vimeo project ideas.

1. One Minute

One of the more interesting ways to portray life is to capture simple moments in life that are overlooked. Try making a video that is exactly one minute in length. Do not insert any camera movements and do not edit the video.

Close your eyes and imagine what kind of video you can create from this perspective. A lot of possibilities exist, right? I can think of filming on minute of a busy street scene, one minute of someone sleepingh, one minute of time in the school hall.

In fact, some of the best one minute videos I've seen have very little happening in the video - but they manage to project a sense of calm and serenity.

2. 5x5

The second type of Vimeo project you may want to try is the "5x5". What happens here is that you create video compose of five 5-second clips. Now these videos should contain only original footage and sounds, and bet totally unedited. You can use this to tell a short story, illustrate a scene, or communicate a mood.

Personally, I've tried using this technique for some Vimeo projects of mine and I must say, it does create some really creative videos. For example, I went out downtown here in Singapore and started taking snapshots of "5x5" for a whole afternoon.

I went from the mall at Ion Orchard (that's a famous shopping mall here in Singapore) to the public library and then to the Botanic Gardens. Then I went home that same evening to snip out 5 minute video clips and spliced them together with CyberLink PowerDirector.

The end result? A really cool "5x5" Vimeo project that I could showcase to the public. Try it out, it won't take you more than an afternoon to create the same.

3. Memory Bank or Vidblog

A memory bank or vidblog are just alternative names for video blogging.

You know how you write text articles into your blog? Well, vidblogging is very similar, except you blog using videos instead of text.

It's a great way to document certain periods of your life or specific events or memories you want to preserve.

I remember when I was doings road trip in the US - vidblogging was a very convenient technique to keep me in touch with my travels from state to state. If you have an important life event coming up, you may want to consider documenting it in a video blog within Vimeo.

4. Swishblog

Ok, the next Vimeo project you can try out is the “swish blog”. This is a unique way of video blogging, which makes use of quick pans or tilts at the beginning and end of every shot.

This creates transitions that your video a fun and dream-like feel.

Now, you should know that it's tough to achieve a swishblog effect correctly. I tried, but usually the outcomes aren't very good.

Swishblogs tend to very suitable if you're filming an artsy video about a certain mood, or scene. If you’re approaching it from a normal video shooting point of view, I'd say you'll end up with a shaky video that's tough for audiences to swallow. So make sure you do some background research and thinking before you head out to swishblog.

5. Fauxtograph

Ok, the last type of Vimeo project to try out is the Fauxtograph. Right, that has a weird sounding name, but it really means you're capturing a funny video.

It could mean you're doing humorous videos like those you see in “America’s Funniest Home Videos". Or you could also improvise and see what kind of humor you van inject into the production.

Often, one of the fun ways to achieve a Fauxtograph is to tell your subject that you are taking picture - but instead shoot their video. You'll be surprised at what kind of output comes out of those shots.

In fact, to get the maximum leverage, you should go on filming your subjects for a longer than expected time.


Ok, I hope the above has helped you understand a bit more about the Vimeo platform. I also hope it inspires you to create some fun and entertaining video projects to be uploaded into Vimeo.

Make sure you follow the strict guidelines for each project, as mentioned above. If you can do that, you will end up with some really interesting content that will knock the socks off the Vimeo editors.

One good piece of advice I have is to simply log into Vimeo and see what others have come up with. Draw inspiration from them for your own videos. I learnt heck of a lot from watching the videos from others’ perspectives.

Ok, that's all I have for now I afraid. Until next, log on go Vimeo and start posting some great video content!